European parliament resolution on the integrity of online gambling

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Online GamblinG in eurOpe - Harris Hagan Bahar Alaeddini, Solicitor at Harris Hagan, reports on the European Parliament’s ‘Resolution on Online Gambling in the Internal Market’ published in September. The European Commission (‘the Commission’) is not known for speedy action, and its gradually evolving position in relation to online gambling – an industry Online gambling in Europe - guide — | EU news ... A public consultation website has been set up for stakeholders to express their views, share their experience and provide available data. The site provides an online questionnaire, the Green Paper and an accompanying Working Document with additional information on the online-gambling market, e.g. on the size of the market, legislation and case law. European Union Unable To Agree On Online Gaming Accords

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Mar 22, 2018 ... 2009 European Parliament resolution of 10 March 2009 on the integrity of online gambling. 2010 Government proposal (HE 207/2010 vp). Harmonised anti-money laundering rules for online gambling

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The European Parliament’s Resolution on Online Gambling: ESSA ... relating to the integrity of sport Brussels, 10 September: ESSA, the licensed betting industry’s integrity body, welcomes the European Parliament’s Resolution on Online Gambling agreed at today’s plenary session but has reservations about some aspects of the report relating to the integrity of sport. European Parliament report on online gambling | Lexology European Parliament report on online gambling ... The European Parliament Resolution contains more than 50 policy statements directed towards the market, the European Commission and the Member ... Parliament: Gambling not a commodity like others – The European Parliament adopted a non-binding Resolution on the integrity of online gambling at its Strasbourg plenary, with 544 in favour, 36 against and 66 abstentions.

Euromar. Всё совсем не так, как кажется на самом деле. European parliament resolution.Полностью Резолюция Европарламента ЗДЕСЬ .

European Parliament adopts resolution on online gambling The resolution, approved by 572 votes to 79, with 61 abstentions, is Parliament's reply to a roadmap entitled 'Towards a comprehensive European framework for online gambling', which the European ... European Parliament: Blockchains Can Optimize International ... The European Parliament issued a new resolution on “Blockchain: a forward-looking trade policy.” Released on Thursday, the resolution details support for blockchain technology and a digital trade strategy. The report’s analysis is centered on global trade based on an estimated $18 trillion (16 trillion euro) supply-chain sector. The future of online gambling in The European Lotteries ...

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Casino news | ECA welcomes online gaming decision The European Casino Association has welcomed the European Parliament's adoption of the Resolution on the integrity of online gambling by the vast majority of the Members of the European Parliament. There were 544 in favour, 36 against and 66 abstentions. The Resolution stresses the special nature of